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Small Batch (2ib)
Single Orgin
Direct Trade
Low Acid
Fluid Air Roasted (Next Gen Tech)
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    Brazilian: "Raja Batak Peaberry"

    This coffee has a silky smooth milk chocolate finish.  Quite possibly the most… chocolaty coffee I’ve ever had the pleasure of drinking.  Local Oompa Loompa, who wishes to remain anonymous,  describes it “like going for a dip in the Chocolate Wonka Pond.”


    Columbian Sugarcane (decaf)

    You’re going to experience notes of Milk Chocolate, Honey, and vanilla.

    Front Image (Right)

    Honduran: "San Jacinto Typica"

    An Amalgamation of Blueberry, Fresh Cocoa, and Honeydew.  Don’t miss out on this delectable roast!  This is one of my personal all time favorites.  I think that the Natural drying process really brings about the best flavors.  A Women runs and owns this farm in Honduras.  Thats where these beans come from.  A woman who learned from her father and family, and now does the same in spreading her knowledge and i’ts clearly…. tastable.  Tastable knowledge.

    How we do it

    There are NO Shortcuts.  We take an altruistic approach to coffee and in all that we do.  We acquire the best possible coffee beans, Directly Traded, and roast them to perfection.  After Mother Nature does the hard part, growing the plant.   We take our coffee beans and throw them into our advanced SonoFresco coffee roaster.  This roaster uses advanced technology by roasting the beans on a cozy bed of hot air, virtually never touching the cooking surface.  This method is called Fluid Bed Air Roasting and it brings about and extracts some of the most amazing flavors one can produce.  This method has significantly less carcinogens than a typical roaster.  Other roasters will unlikely be able to vent out nearly as many particulates  Which contributes to a much cleaner, more satisfying cup of coffee.  After the roast is complete, the machine is then able to quickly cool the coffee in that same roast chamber!  The less air and hand getting between your coffee and cup the Better!

    Coffee That Gives Back

    Here at CrowBeard, we believe giving back is paramount.  I’ve always been extremely fond of Animals.  That’s why once things get kicked off, Crowbeard will be donating to animal shelters in need.  That, or giving to associations created to help animals in one way or the other.  If you have any ideas?     We would love to hear from you!